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Christmas ALL Wrapped Up; It’s celebration time! We’ve put our heads together and come up with a Santa-sackful of ideas to help you celebrate this festive season

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Make it beautiful

Krafty Proposal

So simple, so effective. We made our kraft paper Christmas tree by cutting out identical triangles from two rolls of 15m kraft paper and sticking layers of them on the wall using Blu-Tack. For the stars, we used dress-pattern paper from Spotlight. After cutting out the star shapes we pinned several layers together and attached them to the tree with double-sided tape. The trunk was made with an inner cardboard tube from a roll of cling wrap, and stuck to the wall with Blu-Tack. Presents – wrapped in kraft paper and dress patterns – were scattered at the tree’s base. Scissors, paper tree! Beachy Nautical

Make it beautiful

Make it beautiful

What better typifies an Australian Christmas Day for many than a visit to the beach or a run around in the boat? We’ve brought the colours of the sun, the sand, the surf and the sea into the living room with our neutral and natural decorating palette, and added a touch of the nautical with our anchor decorations – painted white – and the smart blue and white striped cushion covers.

Our colour scheme has been offset with a splash of traditional Christmassy red. And in true laidback Aussie style, we’ve casually strung – across the doorway and window – a length of ribbon, on which we’ve hung a selection of greeting cards. Christmas has never looked so relaxed!

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