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Holiday At Home; Head outdoors on Christmas Day and take your furniture – and family – with you! Check out our themed outdoor rooms and get the party started

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moving your indoor furnishings outside

WHEN THE SUN is shining there can be nothing better than enjoying a festive lunch or afternoon soiree outdoors. Taking the celebrations outside doesn’t have to mean a barbie on the beach or a picnic in the park. We’ve found three creative ways to transform your backyard or balcony into the perfect alfresco entertaining area – from a relaxed Moroccaninspired lounge, to a cool and contemporary cocktail party. But before you grab the cocktails and canapes, it’s time to get creative!


Create a luxurious garden lounge by moving your indoor furnishings outside! Our elegant oversized sofa, Persian-style rug, and assortment of ottomans give this outdoor space a laidback Boho vibe with a Moroccan twist. A scattering of comfy floor cushions come in handy as extra seating and work well with the theme. We added a little festive flair with large red letters spelling out the word “NOEL”.

moving your indoor furnishings outside

moving your indoor furnishings outside

For a twist on tradition the Christmas pine tree was swapped for a palm and its branches decorated with lengths of ribbon (see “Make”, left). The decorative ribbon drapes not only create a striking shady spot to sit under, but it gives the outdoor room a lovely whimsical feel as the evening sun glimmers through the streamers.

A wicker basket comes in handy as a spot to store gifts, while accessories like the ornamental birdcage give our garden lounge a real “room” feel. Of course, no gathering would be complete without food – or friends. So grab a platter of tasty nibbles, a bottle (or three!) of wine and enjoy a leisurely garden picnic with friends and family. Cheers!

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