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Manhattan House

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House structure

Located in Manhattan’s wholesale flower district, the 2,200-sq.-ft. loft is atypical of its breed since it boasts oversized steel sash window admitting good views not only front and back, but also to one side. The rear portion’s structural irregularities could have been deemed ungainly, and its “dog legs” at both ends might have been written off as useless.

Here, however, the back space is splendidly utilized for the master bedroom at one corner and a flexible study/library/occasional guest space at the other. It was the designer’s intent to smooth the rough edges of the core zone and, within, to accommodate the loft’s two main and service entries, master and guest bathrooms, laundry, part of the kitchen, and storage.

living room and guest space with sleeper sofas

living room and guest space with sleeper sofas

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