Christmas ALL Wrapped Up; It’s celebration time! We’ve put our heads together and come up with a Santa-sackful of ideas to help you celebrate this festive season

Krafty Proposal

So simple, so effective. We made our kraft paper Christmas tree by cutting out identical triangles from two rolls of 15m kraft paper and sticking layers of them on the wall using Blu-Tack. For the stars, we used dress-pattern paper from Spotlight. After cutting out the star shapes we pinned several layers together and attached them to the tree with double-sided tape. The trunk was made with an inner cardboard tube from a roll of cling wrap, and stuck to the wall with Blu-Tack. Presents – wrapped in kraft paper and dress patterns – were scattered at the tree’s base. Scissors, paper tree! Beachy Nautical

Make it beautiful

Make it beautiful

What better typifies an Australian Christmas Day for many than a visit to the beach or a run around in the boat? We’ve brought the colours of the sun, the sand, the surf and the sea into the living room with our neutral and natural decorating palette, and added a touch of the nautical with our anchor decorations – painted white – and the smart blue and white striped cushion covers.

Our colour scheme has been offset with a splash of traditional Christmassy red. And in true laidback Aussie style, we’ve casually strung – across the doorway and window – a length of ribbon, on which we’ve hung a selection of greeting cards. Christmas has never looked so relaxed!

Boho Chic

The sight and the aroma of a real Christmas tree often conjures sentimental memories of childhood Christmases. Even if you can’t go past the lure of the real thing, you may still like to decorate in a less traditional manner, and display a little bohemian flair. Hunt for decorations of a folksy or tribal nature. Combine colours, textures and patterns to give your tree both a unique and interesting look. Our real tree came from Dural Christmas Tree Farm, NSW, which calls itself the home of “perfectly shaped trees”. You can select your tree now (either in person or online) and pick it up later, or have it delivered. Trees range in size from 1.5m to 4.5m in height. Prices start from $60. Tree stands, which hold water to keep the tree fresh, are also available.

Decor around

Decor around

Tabletop Feature

A small tree is perfect for apartment living and tiny spaces. It can take pride of place in the middle of a table, on a sideboard or on a shelf. In keeping with the size and the scale of the tree we have kept our decorations minimal, but smart. A pretty paper garland wrapped around the tree is a simple touch, but elegant, as are the presents wrapped in music and gold papers. The black ribbon lends a classic touch. Stylish Sparkles You’ll really know it’s Christmas if there’s a gloriously large and imposing tree filling your home with its pine fragrance. And if you’ve bought a large tree, you may as well go all out and adorn it in gorgeous, sparkly decorations. Our stately tree is decorated in various silver feather, vintage leaf and glorious glass mirrors, which put the glitter back into Christmas. We spray-painted a timber star black and attached it to the tree top, and draped fabric around the base to complete the elegant look. You may also want to see how Classic Christmas in Atlanta.

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