Tips On Buying A Good Vegetable Slicer

A vegetable slicer is a very convenient tool that every home cook should have in their own kitchen.

One of the most famous slicers is the paderno world cuisine spiral vegetable slicer , which offers a quick and efficient way to slice your vegetables and fruits while maintaining the quality of the foods as their greatest.

Having a vegetable slicer in the kitchen has many benefits. Here are some of these:

  • It saves you a lot of time preparing for the ingredients before cooking. Picture that instead of cutting the vegetable multiple times, with a slicer, you only need to do the job once.
  • There is no sharp knife involved. Knife skills are one of the hardest and most dangerous skills in the kitchen. With a vegetable slicer, you can avoid being cut as thanks to the design of the slicer.
  • A slicer is very easy to clean and maintain. While some of them are not machine washable, you can easily clean them under the running water. Furthermore, there are no motor or electrical parts attached to the vegetable slicer, making cleaning much easier.
  • The last reason for why you should have a vegetable slicer is the most important one. With a slicer, you will have more good looking uniform final products.
Consistent cuts are very important. First, it will make sure you can cook your vegetables thoroughly and there would be no pieces which is overcooked and undercooked.
Secondly as all the pieces are consistent, they look nice on the dish. With the Paderno spiral slicer, you can create many different sizes and shapes quickly and simply.

If you are aware about the benefits of having a vegetable slice and want to buy one of these, there are a few things that you should consider in order to find the best slicer for your kitchen.

  • Choose the material of the vegetable slicer. There are 2 types of materials which are currently available now namely food grade plastic and stainless steel. These 2 materials have their own pros and cons. For example, a stainless steel slicer is stronger and sturdier but there is a good chance that a stainless steel might get rusty over time.

Furthermore, when you buy a plastic vegetable slicer, you need to make sure that you buy a food grade plastic one. It means that the slicer that you are going to buy is safe to use for food. Remember that sometimes you need to eat raw and fresh vegetable and fruits, so that this is very important to check the quality of the plastic.

  • Check the quality of the blades. You will need a really sharp blade which could help you to cut through toughest pieces of vegetables such as potatoes and carrots.

In addition, you need to check how fast you can change different sets of blades. Some slicers come with the features that allow you to change to different set of blade so you will have different cuts. You can ask the experts in store to show you how to change the blades to decide if it is easy to do so. And you might want it is easy to change the blade so you can take it out and sharpen the blade frequently.

  • Set Your Price. Choose how much you are going to invest in a good slicer. Remember that with higher prices, you tend to have higher quality of the product which will last for a long time. If you are just shop around and want to try a slicer for one first, you can go for a cheap vegetable slicer. On the other hand, if you want to have a tool that will last a long time, choose a higher quality vegetable, which of course costs more to get one.

Most of the slicers are very small, which can be easily inside your kitchen counter so that you don’t have to worry much about the space a slicer would take in the kitchen.

It is a good idea that you shop around and do comparative shopping before you settle down on the piece of slicer that you like the most.

Overall, a slicer is a must have tool in the kitchen as it helps you to save a lot of time preparing for foods and it also helps you to create a very nice dish of consistent sliced vegetables and fruits.
It is not hard to choose a good slicer on the market when there are a lot of different brands with different styles and material. All you need to do is following these features I mentioned above and you would find one slicer in no time.
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