Type of air compressors

With our article can give you useful information on the different types of air compressors. There are many types of compressors to choose. Choosing the right type of compressors for your needs is very critical, it will help you save a lot of hassle and money. You can know the advantages and disadvantages of different types of compressors through this article. What compressor type meet your demand? I can not know that because it all depends what you use! You will find here a short list with the most common type of compressor which has a number of typical use.

The most common type of compressors in use today are:

  • Reciprocating air compressors
  • Rotary screw air compressors
  • Rotary centrifugal air compressors

It specified by the number of compression stages; Cooling method (air, water, oil); Drive method (motor, engine, steam, other); Lubrication (oil, Oil-Free); Packaged or custom-built. excepting, you can read more articles about air compressor reviews at airtoolresource.com . Right here , we will choose best air compressor for you .

Reciprocating air compressors

Piston compressors are positive shift machines, which means they increase the air pressure by decreasing its weight. This means that they are used in consecutive blocks of the atmosphere are limited to a closed space and improve the air with much higher pressure. They are used for a common goal applications, where air is used to clean dust, small paint jobs .. Along with screw compressors, it is one of the most used types.


  • Comparatively cheap
  • Easy to take maintenance
  • Available to high pressure
  • No oil carryover
  • Large range of horsepower


  • Very humming!
  • High outlet temperature
  • Many moving parts
  • Higher maintenance cost

Rotary screw air compressors

Another one of the common types of compressors screw compressors. It uses two blades to compress air. The blades have a special shape and rotates in the opposite direction with a small gap between them


  • Noise restrictions
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Energy-effective than the piston-type compressors
  • Can use energy recovery
  • Few moving parts


  • The price is much higher than with piston-type compressors
  • Limited airend life
  • High rotational speed
  • Short life expectancy
  • Difficulty with dirty environment

Rotary centrifugal air compressors

Centrifugal air compressor is a compressor operation depends on the energy transfer from a spinning propeller to the air. Centrifugal compressors produce high pressure discharge by converting angular momentum conveyed by the spinning propeller. To do this an effective way, centrifugal compressors with high speed spinning than the other types of compressors. The compressors are designed for higher capacity because the flow through the compressor continuously.


  • Actually very quiet!
  • High efficencies
  • Can reach pressure up to 1200 psi
  • Completely packaged through 500 hp
  • Design to give lubricant free air
  • Does not require special foundation


  • Relatively high cost
  • Low power (flow, liters / minute or cfpm).
  • Compressed air is very hot! Much hotter than other types of compressors
  • Complicated monitor and control system

Centrifugal Air Compressors

Most of the compressors we are detailing work on the principle of positive displacement, except for this variant. Its modus operandi is dynamic compression that causes increases in air pressure by incrementing velocity. Thanks to the presence of an impeller, you can see rotations per minute attaining the 60,000 mark in centrifugal compressors. The first to speed up are air molecules that a diffuser then works on slowing. There are intercoolers integrated into these compressors to help cool off the air. Also, they extract built-up fluid(s) in the process; the last thing you need is moisture compromising the motor, so this is a good thing.

Limited capacity

Specialize maintenance considerations

Certainly you’ve answered the question “ What kinds of compressors is right for you?” Check out the article on to know the advantages and disadvantages of each type and have the right choice. All depends on your usage!


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